Simply swiping saves you storage!

Cleaning up your camera roll made easy, engaging and enjoyable

About Photo Purge

The ideal app to organize your camera roll. It’s swiping feature allows you keep and delete pictures and videos the fun and fast way. With Photo Purge, you save on storage and time by simply swiping!

Our main features


Simply swipe left to delete and right to keep!


Bookmark pictures to revisit later!


Check your storage saving stats!

Bookmark your photos

You can bookmark pictures to check out again later while you’re swiping to save on storage! Photo Purge will keep all your bookmarked shots in a folder for you to come back to at any time

Track your statistic and set up goals

You can set your own storage saving goals and get notified once you’ve reached them. Easily track your progress on the daily on your stats page!

Gamify cleaning your storage

Using Photo Purge is a blast to clean up your camera roll! With our
swiping feature, it's all about turning a chore into pure fun

Numbers Matter

Our achievement in the journey depicted in numbers


Available Country’s


Swipes worldwide


Deletes Photos


GB saved Storage

Our overjoyed users


‘’I love the swiping, it’s a really good function! I can’t believe how fun it was to go through my pictures. Being able to see my progress and viewing my stats has also been so helpful, I’ve saved 12.3GB in total so far!‘’

Saved 12.3 GB by simply swiping!


‘’Just realized that I have a selfie hoarding problem, I take like 20 pictures until I get the best one. But I never delete the duds, I ended up with 3,251 from this year. Thank goodness for Photo Purge, I got rid of them all and it was actually fun!‘’

Deleted 3,251 selfies in just a day!


‘’There were so many pictures I wanted to keep for later, I really like being able to bookmark pictures for later and then continuing to swipe, it saved me so much time and now all those pictures are in one place that I can revisit at any time. Very happy with this app so far! ‘’

Revisits her bookmarked pictures whenever she wants!


‘’I kept on getting the storage full notification and then just deleting a few pics and videos when I got it, but I was never able to make a dent. I had 18,476 pictures in my camera roll! So glad I found Photo Purge, it was an absolute breeze to sort pics and save space! Really simple and easy to use.‘’

Easily organized her camera roll of 18,476 images


‘’I’ve lost count of how many festivals I’ve gone to this year, but my camera roll definitely didn’t. I had over 1,500 photos and videos to sort through and I thought it would take forever, but it was so easy. I kept the best memories and saved on a whole lot of space. Great app!‘’

Swiped over 1,500 party photos and videos

Photo Purge

Declutter your camera roll and reclaim storage space today!